The Vision

Today, as I was praying, I felt the Lord gave me a picture or vision of seeds being spued or flung out of my mouth. The seeds looked like watermelon seeds. They were being “shot” out in all directions, near and far. I felt like the Lord was saying that they were far reaching. They were a little like bullets being shot from a gun, but not as fast. Many, many seeds were going out of my mouth in all directions in front of me. It was the seed of His Word.

Then the Lord gave me a vision of water flowing out of me — out of my mouth. It was a never ending flow. I thought of Niagara Falls and its river that never goes dry. I thought to liken it to this river I was seeing, but then I knew there could be no comparison. The Niagara truly does have an end, an orgin, but God’s river truly is without limit, never ending. I could see the water flowing onto parched land — very cracked, dry, parched land. The land was representative of people. My heart cried out for those who are so thirsty for just a drop of water — a drop of refreshment — a drop of life. There is life in the seed and in the river of God’s water. People need so desperately to drink. They’re all around us, and we have the refreshment. We have, through Christ in us, what they need — what they are thirsting for. God wants to give them life. We are vessels or dispensers of His life — His life to them being a word, a blessing, a prophetic encouragement. They are needy, and they are thirsting. I saw us as dispensers — dispensers of God’s seed and God’s living water — dispensers of life. I saw the water coming out of us covering the parched places — taking away the driness — satisfying the need.

I could see how it was God’s seed going forth (some plant) and God’s water going forth (some water), BUT God gives the increase. God can flow out of us to plant seed (sow) and to water.

Betty Goldman


The Greatest Miracle

As we are moving more rapidly each day toward the end times, our minutes, hours, days, and weeks are carrying more and more weight. They are continually increasing in importance.

We are all given the same amount of time each day — 24 hours. The Lord asks us, “What are you doing with the time I have given you? Are you giving yourself to those things that will impact eternity? Are you giving yourself to reaching those who don’t know Me?”

Many of us are believing for the manifestation of signs and wonders — miracles — in these last days. Healing, creative works, deliverance, relational reconcilations, etc. are all wonderful miracles. How we long to see them happen! But the Lord is asking us, “Are these greater than the miracle of salvation?” His heart is for the lost, and all that we do should ultimately lead to the miracle of salvation in the lives of others.

As we have a longing in our hearts to see the face of Jesus, we may be prone to say, “Maranatha! Come quickly, Lord Jesus!” But the end will not come until the fullness of the Gentiles have come into the kingdom. The Lord is asking us, “Are you doing your part to see this happen? To what have you given yourself?”

Betty Goldman


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