March 2005

Uganda & Kenya
See, the Lord your God has placed the land before you; go up, take possession, as the Lord, the God of your fathers, has spoken to you. Do not fear or be dismayed (Deuteronomy 1:21).
One of the greatest needs of the people in Africa is medical care. They can purchase what we know as prescription drugs at the pharmacy without having a prescription. If they are unsure of the source of their problem, however, they must go to a doctor for a diagnosis and subsequent prescription. Doctors are very expensive, and few can afford a consultation and the necessary meds.
In the medical clinics, we had two very dedicated medical staffs of doctors and nurses who treated about 715 adults and children in Uganda and Kenya. Over 50 pounds of antibiotics were donated by Compassion World Outreach (Monroe, LA), plus we purchased over $700 worth of medicines in Africa. Even so, we still ran out of drugs at both locations. We felt so badly about the ones who were turned away. As we repeatedly apologized, the precious people continued to console us with their expressions of gratitude for all that was accomplished and with their passionate appeals for our return.
God also provided pastors and Bibles school students to help minister to the patients as they waited for treatment. Healing prayers, tracts, and salvation messages reached the hearts of many, as they opened their hearts to the Lord. Following the clinics, we also conducted outdoor evangelistic crusades. Over 140 received Christ in these meetings, and many testified to healings of various ailments. How we praise the Lord for pouring out His presence, His power, and His glory upon those hungry souls!
We also conducted a leadership seminar in Kampala, Uganda. Almost all of those present agreed that the basic teaching we did on the 5-fold ministry, covering, and authority were new to them and greatly needed by the body of Christ in Africa. Several pastors asked to meet with us following the last session to plead for more teaching. We are hoping to return next year to continue the good work that the Lord began.
Praise God for His favor and provision, as He enabled us to purchase 8.4 acres in Bugembe, Uganda, which is just outside Jinja, the 2nd largest city. It is a beautiful site on a
hill with a lovely distant view of Lake Victoria. Due to the fact that electrical lines span the plot, an additional acre is accessible for cultivation. It will easily accommodate a church, dorms, office, and missionary quarters, as well as an orphanage, as the Lord wills.
We did meet with an engineer while we were there, and together we considered various plans. We have yet to receive a solid estimate, but we believe it could be around $50,000+ for the Bible school. Please pray with us that God will provide the finances for construction of the proposed facilities.
Many of the Ugandan Christian leaders can adequately preach and minister a salvation message, but discipling and training new converts is a problem. They lack teaching and resources which is a tremendous disadvantage in establishing the church and extending the kingdom. Jesus will not return for His bride until the Gospel is preached in all the world, and there is a great need for equipped Christians who can penetrate areas and people groups that we, as Americans, cannot reach.
The Bible school students have completed one year of schooling, but, due to a lack of facilities, they are taking a break at this time. We all, however, are praying and believing for the Lord to provide the necessary funds for the Bible school and also for the Bugembe church, which has had to shift from one place to another, so that the work can continue.
We are so grateful to the Lord for your partnership with us in what He is doing in Africa. He has used us together to accomplish so much. In and of ourselves, we are inadequate to complete the task at hand — to fulfill the vision of the Lord — but He has joined us together as members of one body with each joint supplying that which He has designated. May we continue to be His instruments and channels of blessing — expressions of His love and presence in a needy world. We pray He will surely minister to your felt needs, even as you have ministered to others through your prayers and gifts, in Christ’s name..
With deep love &appreciation,
Betty & Terry
The Spirit & the Word Ministries

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