February 1999

Our ministry trip to Uganda was great! We had a wonderful team of 4 ladies (Mildred Corley, June Smith, Tina Richard, and myself). We are all very different, but God used our uniqueness and our multi-facetedness to hit many targets. Tina and June are more evangelistically inclined. They went into the schools and neighborhoods around the Bible College while Mildred and I were teaching. Overall, about 300 received Christ! Praise the Lord! God has gifted Mildred with the ability to lead people into the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and over the course of our 2 weeks there, we saw about 100 receive that blessing. The Lord used me to instill vision in the hearts of the people and to stir up their gifts and callings, activating them to service.
Each time I have gone to Uganda, the Lord has given me prophetic words for the nation. There is a divine mandate upon it, and God wants to enlighten the people regarding His plan for them. Uganda is a small nation, but it is mighty in God. He wants to use the Christians there to push back the darkness that is around them, especially to the north. Jesus said that the end would not come, that He would not return, until the Gospel of the Kingdom has been preached in all the world for a witness to all nations (Matthew 24:14). That word “nations,” in Greek, means ethnic groups, tribes, tongues. It is estimated that there are over 1,700 unreached people groups in the world today, and the majority of them are found in the 10/40 window. The southern border of the 10/40 window runs east/west across northern Africa. Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Eretrea, etc. are in the window. God wants to use the Ugandans to take the Gospel into these nations. While I was there this time, I felt that He really confirmed that He is not going to use white Westerners to do that job, but His plan is to use those who are there and are familiar with the culture. I ask several pastors if they, or anyone they knew, ever went into Sudan to evangelize or minister. They all said no. When I asked why, they said that it was because of fear. They are afraid that they will die. There’s nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes)! Satan is currently using that same tactic to keep Americans out of Uganda. We are a lifeline to that nation — a lifeline of hope, encouragement, teaching, and resources. The enemy is using the recent tragic incident to instill fear in the hearts of the people here so that they will not go there, thus cutting off the lifeline.
God wants the people of Uganda to grasp the vision He has for them to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their part of the world. He wants them to cast off their fear and go forth in the power and authority that He has given them. They have a hard time visualizing themselves in that role in the midst of the poverty, disease, war, etc. Besides, they are ill-equipped to do the job. They need training, resources, and the encouragement that they can do it. I believe that some of the people are getting the vision. The more we return, and the more they hear the message, the better their chances are of actually moving forward in it.
The Lord gave me a Word for them that I shared sparingly. Not everyone was ready to receive it. When I did share it, it was with fear and trembling. I am not an economist, and I told the people so. I also told them that no matter what things might look like on the surface, God’s Word is higher than man’s word, than man’s theories, economically and otherwise. God’s Word supersedes man’s thoughts and theories, and He wants to put the wealth of that nation into the hands of the people who live there. God has made that land rich in resources. The soil and the long growing season make it a horn of plenty. One of the natives said to me that “there is no reason for anyone in Uganda to go hungry.” Even though the ground is producing much, and the coffee and sugar industries are flourishing, the native Ugandans are not seeing much of that wealth go into their own pockets. Because of their lack of knowledge and expertise, they have opened the doors to foreigners to come in, thus bringing in corruption and further defilement to their belief systems. It’s almost like the foreigners come in and fleece the nation. They become rich on the resources that God has placed there for the people He has placed there. He put those riches in the land for the people who live there. His plan is not for foreigners to come in and carry off the wealth to their benefit and that of their nations. In
Kenya, and even now in Uganda, the Muslims are coming in and building nice schools. If the people convert to the Islam faith, their children can go to these schools free — really free. They don’t have to buy books or uniforms. All is provided. It is very hard for those who cannot afford school fees for their children to pass up a deal like that. Education is so important to the future of the nation. God wants to raise up Christian leaders in commerce and government, but they have to be trained and qualified. Joseph and Moses were raised to great heights in leadership within the Israelite nation, but it was only after they had gone through a season of preparation and training.
Our first week in Uganda was spent in the Wobulenzi/Luweero area. We stayed in an Anglican guest house while we were there. Mildred and I taught in Cornerstone Vision Bible College. We had so much material to cover in such a short time. I taught New Testament Survey, and Mildred taught Hermeneutics (How to Study the Bible). We were given 2 hours in the classroom per day. Actually, considering the fact that our time was cut in half because of the need for interpretation, we only had 5 hours to teach each course. I know that the students were overwhelmed. One wrote to me recently and said that everything that I taught was new to them. They were like little birds, sitting there with their mouths hanging open. I certainly believe, and I told them, that even though their minds were not comprehending everything that was taught, their spirits were absorbing it, and hopefully, when they least expect it, revelation knowledge will arise from the planting that was done during our time together. Our evenings in Wobulenzi were spent in meetings in a local church. I feel like God did a good work while we were there. In addition to the ministry that went forth, we were able to help start Women’s Aglow there.
Our second week was spent in the Malaba/Tororo/Mbale area. While we were there, we ministered at 2 lunch group meetings and at The Church of the Lord twice. We also had a meeting scheduled at the Tororo Pentecostal Church. Through it, the Lord is raising up a chapter of Women’s Aglow. We also ministered at an all day retreat in Mbale for Women’s Aglow. It was awesome! An Assembly of God missionary couple that helped to host us said that more was accomplished in that one day than had been accomplished during their whole 4 year tenure there! Praise the Lord! It wasn’t us. It was the Lord and His timing. When I called the International office of Women’s Aglow to give a report, the African representative asked me to consider going into Tanzania. She said that there has been only one chapter organized there in 15 years. Right now, I don’t know when we will go back to Africa, but the doors are wide open. We just need to wait on the Lord to direct. He did speak prophetically over me while we were in Uganda, saying, among many things, that He was going to raise up larger teams out of this ministry to go to the nations. One of our host pastors also gave me Acts 17:6, “. . . These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also.” PTL!
God is quickening His time table, and what He has called us to do, we must do quickly. May we ever move in His perfect timing, not going before or lagging behind Him. Our continued thoughts and prayers are with you all. Thank you so much for your prayer support. It meant so much to us. May God continue to pour out His anointing upon you as you flow in the river of His will.
Betty Goldman
The Spirit and the Word Ministries

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