February 1998

Magnify the Lord with me! Let us exalt His name together! For He is the King of all the earth! His faithfulness reaches to the clouds! He has done great and mighty things! Bless His holy name!
God truly did great and marvelous things while Mildred Corley and I were in Uganda. Our first nine days were spent in Jinja, the second largest city. While there, we generally ministered twice a day. We went to the rural villages, the local hospital, the public high school, and many churches. We did not go to the villages as often as we had planned because of the rain, but we were blessed to see about twenty villagers receive Christ as Savior. Also, we were honored with the privilege of baptizing ten new converts in the Nile River. Many of the churches where we ministered had never had a missionary to come. We were very warmly and exuberantly received everywhere we went.
In Kampala, the capitol city, our schedule was a little less strenuous. We ministered at a pastors’ luncheon, in several churches, and with Women’s Aglow. It appears as though the Lord may raise up three Aglow chapters (in Kampala, Jinja, and Malaba) from the seeds that were sown during our time in Uganda. Praise His name!
Most of the Ugandans are very poor. Even though they are poor in this world’s wealth, they are rich in God. Much of our ministry was among the Christians, and we found them to have a great zeal and passion for the Lord. Many churches meet everyday, just like they did in the book of Acts. We saw one church in Kampala that holds five services everyday of the week. There was a multitude worshipping there at 1:30 on a Thursday afternoon. Winston Churchill called Uganda the “Pearl of Africa” because it is a rich and fertile land, but God calls it the “Pearl of Great Price” because of the richness of His presence there. His presence has manifested in a great unity in the body of Christ. The people are absolutely non-competitive and very humble. There were many who bowed before us in greeting. Even some of the children get down on their knees when addressing an adult.
The Ugandan Christians are also a very hungry people. They hunger not for food, but for the Lord. They drank in all the Word that was preached. They drew it out of us. God was so faithful to give a Word in season. He was so faithful to strengthen us and to anoint us. His anointing and presence in the meetings grew stronger and stronger the longer we were there. We could truly feel the prayers of all.
Even though we went as ambassadors for Christ to bless the people of Uganda, I feel like I received the greater blessing. My life will never be the same. I said that when I returned from Kenya. It was true: but I say it again. My heart, my perspective, have been greatly enlarged. We are part of a bigger whole. We need the other parts of the body just like they need us. The hand can’t say to the foot, “I have no need of you.” We can’t say to Uganda or the other nations of the world that we don’t need them. We need what they have. We need their zeal and passion for the Lord, their single-hearted devotion to Him, their unity, their humbleness of heart. And they need us. They don’t have the knowledge and resources that we have. Many, especially in the villages, do not even have Bibles. They need teaching. They need training. They need Bibles. For years, the Western world has been sending missionaries to Africa, and much fruit has come forth. I can see that now God wants to train the natives to send them forth. I feel like He used us to stir up that vision in those to whom we ministered. Yet, there is so much more to do.
When I was in Uganda, I felt like I was doing what I was created to do. My heart is to return and continue the work that was begun. Daniel Lubowa of Grace Ministries International has already contacted me, via E-mail, regarding my return. Please pray for my husband Terry and for the finances. God has been doing a new thing in our home since my return. He has begun to deal with Terry’s heart with regard to the nations. I believe He would have us to go together to Uganda at some point in time. We are praying about August and/or February. In the natural, the only thing that hinders is finances. Please pray for us to know the heart and the timing of the Lord. We believe that He is Jehoval Jireh, our Provider, and our eyes are on Him.
May the Lord meet your every need. May He give you the desires of your heart as you delight yourselves in Him. May He pour out His blessings upon you — more than you would ask or think. Even as I have been blessed with an impartation of His heart and vision, may you be a recipient of the same, and even more.
Betty Goldman
The Spirit & the Word Ministries

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